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February is national pet dental health month

Vet Hospital Port Shepstone offers free dental checkups until the end of the month.
Booking essential 039 682 2433
See our dental health section for more info

Welcome to the official website of Vet Hospital Port Shepstone, where you can get all the relevant information on who we are and the products and services we can offer to our clients.

The Vet Hospital Port Shepstone Team
Charmaine Dacey, Dr Renier Delport, Gail Roets, Li-An Silk Murray & Veronica Mpofana.

Vet Hospital Port Shepstone is a private, small animal hospital with extensive surgery, diagnostic & consulting facilities. We also have an animal pharmacy for dispensing medication and an on-site and on-line Vet Shop.

More about Vet Hospital Port Shepstone

  • Vet Hospital Port Shepstone offers an extensive range of veterinary related services at the hospital. We cater for most pets, including dogs, cats and other small pet mammals, parrots, pet snakes, pet lizards, pet monkeys, rabbits, hamsters, rats and mice. Read more…
  • Our animal hospital is equipped with a friendly reception and vet shop front area, a consultation room, patient preparation area, dedicated, fully equipped theater, plenty of ICU and hospital cages, a pet incubator, a laboratory area, specialised animal pharmacy, an admin office, a courtyard for larger temporary patients, an animal bath and a washing room. Our animal hospital also has radiography and extensive laboratory facilities. Read more…
  • Our dedicated veterinary current team consist of one registered veterinarian, Dr Renier Delport, his personal assistant Charmaine, two additional reception and sale assistant ladies Gail and Li-Ann and our pet nurse Veronica. Read more…
  • Vet Hospital Port Shepstone is proud to present our on-site, and online Doggie Bag Vet Shop, which offers an extensive range of pet products such as pet accessories, antiseptics, bedding, collars & leads, dental health products, dewormers, grooming products, healthy dental friendly treats, herbal & natural products, self help pet products, shampoos, supplements & vitamins, tick & flea treatments, pet friendly toys and training products. Read more…
  • Vet Hospital Port Shepstone is bound to rules and regulations, not only to protect the hospital’s internal operations and to make us function more smoothly, but also to protect the interest of our patients and to enable us to give a better service. Read more…
  • We are a privately owned veterinary hospital, registered with the SAVC. We have no affiliation with the S.P.C.A. or the state veterinary department. This institute is not subsidised by any means other than our own internal operational funding. Read more…

Vet Hospital Port Shepstone Healthy Happy Pets Program

Here you can also find information on our primary health care solutions such as cat & dog sterilisations, cat & dog vaccinationspet dental health, microchipping, tick & flea control and pet health insurance.

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Vet Hospital Port Shepstone promotes responsible pet ownership

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